How to Style Your Fleece Vest

Style AdviceOnce reserved for campers and hikers, bird watchers and teachers on field trips - the fleece vest is today as self-evident as the overshirt is. But how do you wear it?

Once reserved for campers and hikers, bird watchers and teachers on field trips - the fleece vest is today as self-evident as the overshirt. But how do you wear it?

Naturally, there are plenty of ways to utilize your fleece vest. It could be used as a classic workwear-piece, and it could be used as nothing more than a neat windbreaker. Although, we prefer to look at the fleece vest as something more. The fleece vest to us, is a transcendental wardrobe essential. It transcend both seasons and trends simply because of its versatility. Here’s how to wear it.

As casual outerwear
There are times when you find yourself in a peculiar situation; when a hefty jacket is too much but going without one isn’t an option. Enter, does the fleece vest. Thanks to its warming fibers, you’ll be guarded on your mid-section and at the same time you’ll have all the freedom of movement in the arms. It is the casual alternative to the down gilet.

This winter has been quite mild. Thus, a fleece vest has been a suitable outerwear option on its own. For casual days, we suggest you wear yours with a soft hoodie and a pair of raw denim’s. It is a neat way of going about your business off-duty.

To a classic coat
During colder periods, a regular wool coat is seldom enough. Naturally, it depends on where you're located, but in the Nordic countries that tend to not be the case - when the temperature drops below 0°C, you need layers and furthermore layers. Therefore a fleece vest should be high up on your wish-list.

Not only is fleece, as a material, soft and textured. It is also heat-retentive and at the same time moisture-resistant. Why? Because of air pockets being stuck in-between the fleece fibers - which results in the heat exuded from your body goes no further than the material.

The fleece vest is great for layering up during chilly mornings or as a shielding windbreaker. Gladly, it is also elegantly designed which makes it possible to wear to both a dressed coat or a more rugged one.

Dressed up
Sure, there are fleece vests that look rugged and they can be cool, but at A Day’s March, we’ve designed our fleece vest with a multi-purpose use in mind. We wanted to create an intermediate item - something that could be dressed up, dressed down and be used on its own.

When working in an environment which requires you to dress up, the fleece vest can come in handy. As long as you color-coordinate your outfit - the fleece vest is a tasteful alternative. Thanks to the nylon-furnished patches, we see no obstacle in using this fleece vest either over a crew neck or simply, over a shirt.

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