Introducing the Classic Merino Crew

The Collection We're introducing the Classic Merino Crew, a refined version of the first-ever sold product at A Day's March.

We're introducing the Classic Merino Crew, a refined version of the first-ever sold product at A Day's March.

This garment is close to our hearts. The Merino crew was A Day’s March’ first-ever sold product back when we opened our store on Kungsgatan in Stockholm, in 2014. It signifies what we believe in – a wardrobe made of modern classics to take you through the day in a life where business and leisure is intertwined. Today we are introducing a refined version of the garment - the Classic Merino Crew.

The Classic Merino Crew has been in the making for over a year, and we’ve been working hard at making a refined version deserving of its name. We have adjusted a few details to assure the garment reached the level of perfection we wanted; by shifting the hem from a one-by-one knit to a two-by-two knit, and by slightly adjusting the general fit. We’ve crafted the crew in a light-weight 12-gauge knit, making it comfortable to wear as a second layer or next-to-skin.

The wool is non-mulesed. That means the sheep producing the wool for A Day’s March are treated well and are not subjected to ill-willing practices, like mulesing.

Merino is the name of a domesticated group of sheep, especially appreciated for their soft, warm wool. It’s by far the most important race for wool production in the world, with its origins in the Iberian peninsula. The wool has remained in Spain - isolated from the rest of the world, until the late 18th century, when it was first introduced to Australia.

An added layer of depth
The crew is easy to wear as a layer-on-layer sort of garment, and it makes you appear proper - almost regardless of what other items you’re wearing. If you for example wear it with a shirt under a blazer, your otherwise dressed outfit will look more relaxed. A neat way of adding depth to your look, giving the eye more to study.

To us, the design and form of the sweater is a matter of simplicity. It needs to be well-crafted and handled fairly. Because we believe in this garment and the fact that it can be a part of any outfit, we made it seven colors - to take care of your everyday needs.

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The Classic Merino Crew is available in seven colors, in-stores and online.


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