The Tripod Amplifier

Christine Ödlund’s unique art sculpture.

A Day’s March and Creative Director Behnaz Aram has the privilege to exhibit the artist Christine Ödlund’s unique art sculpture Tripod Amplifier, to celebrate the launch of the women’s collection.

In A Day’s March temporary store at Kungsgatan 9 in Stockholm, a large organic sculpture made from recycled aluminum conductive metal is installed. The sculpture, made by artist Christine Ödlund, is over 2,5-meters high and described by its creator as an aspect of the ever-present waves that constitute biology in all its forms. The piece has previously been exhibited at Moderna Museet in both Stockholm and Malmö.

Ödlund's career began with a focus on music and videography; today, her art is expressed in abstract animations, drawings and sculptures.

“Since I'm based in sustainable plant-based art and alchemy, I am inspired by Behnaz Aram’s approach to the future, to women history and attention to beautiful details” says Christine Ödlund.

She has had several influential solo exhibitions, including Musikk for Eukaryoter at the Trondheim Museum of Art (2014), and Aether & Einstein at Magasin III (2016). Furthermore, she has participated in group exhibitions in different parts of the world - like Tokyo, Marrakech and Amsterdam. Her work is represented in several public collections, including those of Moderna Museet, Magasin III and Public Art Agency Sweden.

Visitors will have the possibility to see the sculpture at A Day's March temporary store at Kungsgatan 9 in Stockholm from October 15th until December - visit for more information.