Interview: Behnaz Aram

Creative Director Behnaz Aram.

Writer Yasmine Mubarak meets A Day’s March newly appointed Creative Director Behnaz Aram for a conversation about historical female figures and how it inspired the brand’s first women’s collection.

On Thursday, October 15, A Day’s March presents its first women’s collection named The Foundation. A baseline for women, breathing timelessness and contemporary design. Leading the way is Creative Director Behnaz Aram. Coming from a BA in Fashion at Middlesex University in London 2003 – where she lived, studied and worked for six years – Behnaz joins A Day's March with over 20 years of experience from the fashion industry at several brands in Stockholm and London. She's worked both as a concept designer and as head of design, and has vast experience as a costume designer at the Swedish Royal Opera and several productions within theater, film and ballet.

The clothes in the collection are named after influential and great women in our human history, in fields such as science, anthropology, entrepreneurship, sustainability, art and literature.

“Historical women are the foundation of the modern woman. We have in many ways been created and crafted through the women who came before us. By naming the clothes after them, I want to remind people of the women that made everything possible.”

Is there a piece you are especially pleased with?
– I’m very happy with the Parks Coat which I believe is a true power coat, with a super detailed inside for a luxurious feel and structure, making you feel empowered wearing it. Furthermore, the Seacole shirt is the ultimate everyday shirt armor, which is why we made it in wool, Tencel, and poplin.

“We need to open our doors to different opinions and life stories, that’s how we learn and can create amazing work together.”

Talking to Behnaz, one can understand that the move to A Day’s March made sense. During her long career she has always had the wish to dress everyday women and men, helping their day go around with classic garments for both desk and dinner.

How do you feel seeing someone wearing your design?
– I get so much energy from it. Hopefully, I’m helping them to achieve their daily goal or just make them comfortable to chill on the sofa. I want women to wear clothes they feel safe in - clothes that can become their daily armor.

Asking her about the women in her life, she tells me they have all become part of her inspiration - her friends, mom, mother-in-law and of course the women in the collection.

"I have always wanted to learn more about the life stories of great women. What made them stand up? What gave them the courage to focus on their specific dream and fight for what they thought was right in science, politics and art?

It’s important for Behnaz to take a stand for diversity in her positions of power. Learning from her career, there have been a lot of eye-openers on how the industry can be very closed if you don’t fit into the norms.

“We have to better understand that especially in the field of art we grow by including people from different backgrounds and experiences. We need to open our doors to different opinions and life stories, that’s how we learn and can create amazing work together.”

Words by Yasmine Mubarak


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