Introducing Odengatan 72


Odengatan 72

A Day’s March opens its doors to yet another historic Stockholm location – just next to the Gustav Vasa Church at Odengatan, in the district of Vasastan. We speak to co-founder and creative director Pelle Lundquist and interior architect Daniel Braconier about the importance of getting closer to customers.

Odengatan 72

The thriving residential neighbourhood of Vasastan is now A Day’s March’ third physical retail store in Stockholm. The 19th century location on Odengatan 72 have previously been an old watchmaker, flower shop and more recently a clothing shop, and has now been renovated to best meet the A Day’s March customer. It’s taken a year and a lot of hard labour, including turning an unused basement into a second shop floor – making the store 200 square meters in total.

Odengatan 72

A Day’s March co-founder and creative director Pelle Lundquist has a strong connection to the area. He sees significant benefits to be present in a residential neighbourhood. ”I’ve lived here almost all my life, literally since I moved away from home, and a lot of our Stockholm customers live around here,” he says. ”It’s nice with the local connection. You see a lot of estate agents and other offices moving into these premises that were originally meant to be shops. It’s nice to be able to add something else to the neighbourhood, to make it a bit more interesting to walk the streets here.”

Odengatan 72
Odengatan 72

Overall, the design of the store is a modern interpretation of the historic building. While walking up and down the stairs, interior architect Daniel Braconier found some of the original features, including harlequin floors, Carrera marble and black granite – now present throughout the space. This also includes using geometric shapes as a theme throughout all of the design – from the new skylights in the basement to the harlequin floors and all furniture and desks. The new windows facing the street have been replaced with the original vaulted design.

Odengatan 72

“When designing the store we found inspiration from the area – many of the buildings are from the first period of the last century, including the building we are in now,” says Braconier, and adds that this was an era when great care was taken to the materials used. ”No surface was left untouched. We wanted to bring this mindset into the process and translate it into a contemporary feeling with a lot of tactile elements.”

Odengatan 72
Odengatan 72

The duo also wanted to return to the grand feeling of a front room, which becomes the portal into the rest of the store. Customers are first greeted with striking blue ceilings and a stunning wall surface, splashed in blue and red paint with birch twig, a unique wall paint technique inspired by 18th Swedish folk tradition Allmoge. ”You can’t see the results until the paint has dried, but then all of a sudden the pattern unveils itself,” says decoration painter Tea Nymark.

This room is also inspired by traditional storefronts in the past where people got impeccable service. ”That’s what we’re all about,” Lundquist says. ”A Day’s March wants to offer the best possible service. In order to succeed we need beautiful and well-thought-out physical spaces that cater for these meetings.”

Photography by Mikael Lundblad and Christopher Hunt. Words by Jonna Dagliden Hunt. Opening hours here.


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For summer 2019 we’re introducing a wide range of linen products as well as new overshirts, t-shirts, summer-shirts and bermuda shorts.

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