No. 3

The Questionnaire with Pelle Larsson

Professional basketball player.

To celebrate the spirit of curiosity, we present "The Questionnaire" – an interview series that offers a glimpse into the lives of those we admire.

This Thursday, Pelle Larsson became the fifth Swede in history to get drafted into the NBA, becoming a part of the Miami Heat. Born in Nacka, Sweden in 2001, Pelle has worked for this moment his whole life, and until recently been living in Arizona playing for the Arizona Wildcats in the NCAA. Now, it’s time for the NBA, and we where thrilled to have a quick chat with the newly drafted NBA player on Spring Street, New York.

The NBA! Amazing. Previously, only three Swedes have played in the NBA. How do you feel today? – Amazing! Obviously a dream come true and I’m super excited for summer league and the season to start. Just happy to celebrate this day together with my family and friends. The people who have been with me along the way.

How did you celebrate the draft? – We rented out a restaurant where my family and friends watched the draft and also stayed after for dinner and celebration. Do you have any connections to the city where you will spend the coming years? – I’ve never lived on the east coast so it will be nice to have less of a time difference to Sweden. Miami is such an amazing place to live and I think I will definitely will feel at home. Don’t know many people in Miami right now but I’m sure that will change.

Has playing in the NBA been a dream for a long time? – Of course, it’s any kids dream. I think right when I started playing I was already then looking up to the guys at the highest level.

Your father, Christian Larsson, was also a successful basketball player. How has he reacted to you playing in the NBA? – It was a very proud moment. Definitely some tears. My parents just want the best for me and have worked hard to put me in the position I am today.

"My parents want the best for me and have worked hard to put me in the position I am today."

How has the week leading up to the draft in New York been? Have you been nervous? – It was a good week, most of all I was just happy to see friends and family I haven’t seen in a long time. I felt pretty good leading up to the draft. I had done everything I could do. So then the job was just up to my agents.

What do you love to do when you're not playing basketball? – When I’m not playing basketball I like to do things where I can spend time with friends and family. Obviously spend a lot of time on FaceTime checking in on my people back home in Sweden. My favorite hobby right now would probably have to be golf.

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