Team Logo

A limited edition collection inspired by American sportswear.

Since the start of our brand in 2014, our design foundation has laid in a mix of American sportswear and Italian tailoring, filtered through a Scandinavian school of thought. We’ve always taken pride in referencing garment history, by taking deep dives through sartorial history books. The history of clothing is simply important to us, it makes us do what we do.

There is no denying the cultural impact American sports logos have had throughout the years. We’ve designed a collection to pay homage to classic American sportswear and the team logos that comes with it, in a luxurious jersey collection made to be incorporated into your everyday look. We call it the Team Logo Collection. The collection is made from organic cotton, in a carefully selected, heavyweight made-to-last jersey quality. The letter A has been embroidered in the same color as the garment, tone-on-tone. This is our take on a part of garment history we hold close to our hearts. It's the version we'd love to wear ourselves when we enter the field. We hope you'll like it.


Summer 2022Spring 2022 | A Day's March