The Gift of ABC

Läxhjälpen x A Day's March, by Owe Gustafson.

Together with the foundation Läxhjälpen and the artist Owe Gustafson, we give you the opportunity this Holiday to contribute to something important - providing increased study motivation and passing grades for middle school students with difficulties in school to move on to Gymnasiet (upper secondary school). With the support of Läxhjälpen's efforts, teenagers facing challenges in middle school receive help and confidence that can be crucial for the rest of their lives.

With the purchase of a gift bag, all proceeds are donated to the Läxhjälpen foundation.

Läxhjälpen's vision is that all children in Sweden should grow up with possibilities to succeed in school and shape their own future. However, this is not the case today. Today, where you grow up and your parents' educational background play a crucial role in who achieves eligibility for upper secondary school in Sweden. Therefore, Läxhjälpen offers a program that is free of charge for high school students at risk of failing. Läxhjälpen is implemented in schools that fall below the national average for eligibility for upper secondary school.

Owe Gustafson, the creator of the illustrations for "Fem Myror är fler än fyra elefanter" (Five Ants are More than Four Elephants), has designed stylish gift packages with the theme "The Gift of ABC." These are sold in our stores and online. All proceeds from the sales go to Läxhjälpen to help more children in Sweden.

The Läxhjälpen Foundation is a non-profit foundation and a politically and religiously independent foundation that conducts a targeted and results-focused tutoring program. Läxhjälpen is a complement to regular schoolwork for students and schools facing extra significant challenges. By working in smaller groups and based on each student's needs, tutors and students can set individual goals together. They work towards a common goal: to ensure that students achieve passing grades and leave primary school with an increased desire to continue studying.  Since its start in 2007, Läxhjälpen has proven effective – of all students who received tutoring, 79% have achieved eligibility for upper secondary school. Learn more at