Lookbook – Fall/Winter 2022


When the winds are strong and the days get short we lust for life. We want the walks and the talks. The dine and the wine. The closest friends and the best of love. Sad songs and old novels. And, of course, the style to go with it.

Introducing the first part of Fall/Winter 2022.

Granta Sports Jacket
Alton Wool Peacoat
Walton Open V-neck
Wigtown Lambswool V-neck Vest
Stour Waxed Jacket
Janaya Rollerneck
Clare Merino Polo
Epernay Wool Overshirt
Clare Merino Polo
Epple Polo Rib
Carey Overshirt - Corduroy
Rykiel Lambswool Roll-Neck
Isel Pile Jacket
Granta Sports Jacket
Hurston Lambswool Sweater
Radkai Pile Fleece Jacket
Tone Pile Fleece Jacket
Epernay Wool Overshirt
Stour Waxed Jacket
Hurston Cashmere Sweater
Original Overshirt