Fall/Winter 2022 – Part II


We’re wrapping ourselves in luxurious compositions of favorite fabrics – in monochromatic layering to emphasize rich seasonal textures.

Introducing the second part of Fall/Winter 2022.

Tiron Rugged Wool Jacket
March Long Wool Coat
Tiérar Boiled Merino Sweater
Moorgate Shirt - Dobby Stripe
Hurston Yak Alpaca Sweater
Sedgemoor Wool Coat
Original Overshirt - Checked Wool
Rye Down Jacket
Sutton Lana Cotta Wool Overshirt
Nene Pleated Wide Trousers
Tacora Puffer Jacket
Avoch Lambswool Polo
Maathai Silk Shirt
March Long Wool Coat
Men's trousers
Original Overshirt - Wool
Franklin Wool Blazer
Yangra Puffer Jacket - Ripstop
Harris Pleated Pinstripe Trousers
Hurston Cashmere Sweater
Avon Long Sleeve
Sedgemoor Wool Coat
March Long Wool Coat
Rye Down Jacket
Sander Leggings
March Wool Coat