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Lepkoff Waxed Cotton Jacket


Model wears a size 36 and is 175 cm tall / 5’7″

According to history books, it was Scottish seafarers that led to the invention of the waxed jacket. Life on sea often brought unpredictable weather. We thought it was appropriate to introduce our version of this garment, made with the classic details we love, in a fabric perfect for bad weather. - Relaxed fit - 100% cotton - Sleeve lining: 100% viscose - Water repellent shell - Drawstring at waist - Multi pocket and shaped sleeves - Corduroy collar - Branded denim buttons
- Made in China - 100% cotton - Sleeve lining: 100% viscose Do not wash, sponge clean only Brush off loose dirt and mud. Never use a washing machine, dry cleaners or tumble dryer to clean your jacket. Spot clean with damp towel or if necessary wash with cold water only. Always air-dry. Reproof your jacket to maintain its waterproof qualities. Always use a specialist to provide any repairs to your wax jacket.
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