Who we are

A Day’s March is a Swedish clothing label founded in 2014 by Marcus Gårdö, Pelle Lundquist, and Stefan Pagréus. They quit their daytime jobs to pursue something more meaningful. The name, A Day’s March, is an old military term - it's how far an army can move in one single day. It reflects our ambition to make clothes to help you get through the triumphs and troubles of everyday life.

Clothes without expiry date

We aim to perfect the garments that get you through the day with style and dignity. Our tools are long-lasting quality and design. Instead of following every fashion trend, we want to create clothes that last and that you’ll love to wear for years. This is better for the planet – making sure the products we make and you purchase stand the test of time is the most sustainable choice we can make, both as brands and as consumers.

We produce more than 70% of our clothes in Portugal with local fabrics and materials. The family-owned textile factories north of Porto are a reassurance of high quality and a more sustainable way of producing our clothes.

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