No. 4

The Questionnaire with Christine Mack

Art curator and philanthropist.

To celebrate the spirit of curiosity, we present "The Questionnaire" – an interview series that offers a glimpse into the lives of those we admire.

Art curator and philanthropist Christine Mack is a Philippine-born Swede living in New York that started collecting art more than 20 years ago, and has collaborated with artists like KAWS, creating public art installations in New York City, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. In New York, Christine opened The Mack Art Foundation residency program, geared towards emerging artists who do not reside in the New York City area. Spanning a period of up to 3 months, the residency provides enough time for the artists to be immersed in the city and be inspired to create new work. She is also the co-founder of a curatorial platform, Space2Create, that re-imagines the traditional art exhibition by taking advantage of vacant retail and commercial space. Christine and the Mack Art Foundation collaborated with A Day’s March to exhibit Dennis Eriksson's work in the New York store on 32 Spring Street, and we caught up with her during a busy day in New York to ask her our signature questions.

What did you have for breakfast? – Strong coffee, berries, mango, eggs, bacon and avocado - I am a huge breakfast person! I wake up starving! What goes through your head before you dress in the morning? – Here we go again.. What do you always carry with you? – I always carry business cards with me. I meet so many people in New York, and I love the traditional approach of sharing contact information this way. Plus, my business cards are exceptionally cool—they were designed by a Swedish designer from Forsman & Bodenfors, the same team behind the amazing branding for the Mack Art Foundation. I also always wear my LOVE necklace, which my close friend and jewelry designer, Jennifer Creel, created for me. It's very special to me, and its resemblance to the Robert Indiana sculpture makes it a perfect art reference as well.

“The sky is the limit in NY if you have a dream and the will to work hard.”

How come you do what you do? – My passions are art and philanthropy. Starting the art foundation was the perfect way for me to pursue my mission of doing what I love while also supporting artists. What do you love about New York City? – The energy, the diversity and the freedom to do anything without being held back. The sky is the limit in NY if you have a dream and the will to work hard. What are you most proud of? – My three sons. Do you dream? – Yes, but I forget them when I wake up. Probably better that way! Photography: Weston Wells. Seen on photo: Alexander James and Christine Mack.


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