No. 2

The Questionnaire with Dennis Eriksson

Artist and illustrator.

To celebrate the spirit of curiosity, we present "The Questionnaire" – an interview series that offers a glimpse into the lives of those we admire.

Dennis Eriksson is a graduate of art studies from the Konstfack University College of Arts Craft and Design in Stockholm. He also studied in the US at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. His unique viewpoint and wonderful line work have made him a much sought-after figure in the Swedish arts community. Dennis's work stretches from editorial and commercial illustration to animation and exhibitions both in Europe and the US. Throughout the launch of A Day’s March’s New York location, Dennis’ art will be exhibited is the store and a store exclusive t-shirt featuring the art will be available for purchase.

What did you have for breakfast? – Black coffee, eggs, fruit (and maybe the kid's leftover pancakes…)

What goes through your head before you dress in the morning? – During the summer in NYC — What can I combine with SHORTS? Otherwise, I usually don't have a plan. I tend to take the typical male approach—a couple of quality outfits that I always use. I can't have cheap wear anymore… too old for that. But my favorite mode is when you have some new stuff, but you are letting it mature in your wardrobe, holding on to it for a couple of weeks, waiting for the perfect premiere day.

How come you do what you do? – This is what I always been doing. There is nothing else, have never been.

What do you love about New York City? – Here, everything is at the highest volume. What is totally normal here would be considered extreme behavior back home. It's business as usual to ride a mini-Honda and sing opera simultaneously. Or bring your speaker to the park and blast Steely Dan without your shirt on.

“What is totally normal here would be considered extreme behavior back home”.

What are you most proud of? – It's a cliché, but I'm proud to have managed to raise my kids to become two extraordinary humans.

Do you dream? – At night? Yeah, I always had vivid dreams, and hopefully turn some of it into art. That's the best art. But if I dream about the future? I've never been a dreamer in that sense. I tend to live pretty much in the present. That's both good and bad, I guess...

A store exclusive t-shirt featuring the Dennis' art will be available for purchase throughout the launch of A Day’s March’s New York location.


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