The Questionnaire with Owe Gustafson

Artist and illustrator.

To celebrate the spirit of curiosity, we present "The Questionnaire" – an interview series that offers a glimpse into the lives of those we admire.

Five years after our first collaboration with Owe Gustafson we’re releasing a new project. Owe has made three new illustrations and a bronze sculpture called Ambulare I–IV. The art will be permanently installed at our store on Åsögatan 126, and will launch together with a capsule collection sold exclusively in the same store. We hold great admiration for Owe Gustafson, not only for his artistic prowess and being such a wonderful person, but also for his sense of style – Owe always dress impeccably. So we wanted to ask him about his personal connection to clothing. However, Owe personifies the classic gentleman, where style is an inherent part of his being rather than a topic for discussion. Nonetheless, we were fortunate to glean a few insights from our encounter.

A DAY'S MARCH: Hello Owe, it has been five years since you worked with A Day's March for the first time. What's happening in your life? OWE GUSTAFSON: During these five years, I have participated in about ten exhibitions and published two books. I am currently working on a new exhibition at Gallery Thomas Wallner in Simrishamn. ADM: You have been working for a long time now. Is there any difference in how you work today compared to earlier in your life? – Nowadays, I work completely freely. I no longer have any assignments, except for the collaboration with A Day's March... ADM: You always have nice clothes and exude an elegant aura. Are clothes and style important to you? – I have always liked clothes. My wardrobe is minimalistic, I prefer black, gray, and white.

ADM: Which are the most important pieces in your wardrobe? Why? – Some shirts and sweaters by Issey Miyake, a designer I have always admired. ADM: Is there any specific item of clothing that you are very particular about, that should be a certain way? – I can't think of anything specific. ADM: Is there any type of clothing you would never wear? Why? – Baseball caps. They're just butt-ugly! How would you describe your own style? – That's for others to do. Has your style changed over the years? – Not at all.


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