The T-Shirt Guide

Made in Portugal from organic GOTS-certified cotton, the t-shirt program has been designed using our principles of timelessness, both in quality and style. Each t-shirt in our collection reflects our dedication to work with the best fabrics we can get our hands on, made in a timeless design in family-owned factories we have long-lasting relationships with. We believe that these three styles accommodates every moment of the week, and hopefully you’ll feel the same. Available in a core color palette with the addition of seasonal hues.

Lightweight T-shirt

Material: Crafted from 100g GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring a light and breathable feel. Design Purpose: Intended to be worn as a foundational first layer, akin to an undergarment, providing a seamless base. Styling Recommendation: Ideal as an undergarment, worn under a dressed shirt or a sweater. Features: Emphasizes a lightweight construction for ultimate comfort and a barely-there feel.

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Midweight T-shirt

Material: Made with 160g GOTS-certified organic cotton, striking a perfect balance between lightness and durability. Design Purpose: A regular fit tee that serves as a versatile piece in any wardrobe, designed for everyday wear. Styling Recommendation: Effortlessly pairs on its own or under a sweatshirt or sweater for layered warmth and style. Features: A go-to choice for its versatile wearability and comfortable regular fit.

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Heavyweight T-shirt

Material: Constructed from 240g GOTS-certified organic cotton, offering a substantial and luxurious feel. Design Purpose: A regular fit with a focus on versatility and durability for standalone wear. Styling Recommendation: Perfectly suited to be worn on its own with its heavier quality and simplicity. Features: Its heavyweight nature ensures it retains shape and texture, offering a great feel and lasting quality.

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